Adult Yoga & Dance

You may view our weekly class schedule of Hot Yoga, Yoga Basics, Barre and Dance Fitness online. Sign-ups may be done at the studio just prior to class (our doors are open at least 30 minutes before each class). You may also sign up for a class online by clicking "My Account" on the upper right corner of the schedule.

Hot Yoga pose Locust

We believe yoga is for all people. We offer Hot yoga classes and a Yoga Basics class . Yoga is far beyond physical exercises. It’s about transformational change and increasing your energy, so that you can heal your life and be truly present. Our approach is to work with the deeper aspects of yoga to enhance your well-being utilizing simple and gentle movements, breathing exercises, and relaxation.

Our Hot Yoga classes are held in an...

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Our Barre classes are a total body, dance based workout choreographed to fun, upbeat music to energize your body and mind. We combine ballet technique, cardio dance, core stabilization, and yoga. Proper breathing, alignment, safety, and appropriate modifications are emphasized when performing the exercises.

During the class, students warm up with easy to follow, low impact cardio dance followed by resistance training with light weights...


Our Dance Body fitness class combines easy to follow, low impact dance choreography with strength training and flexibility exercises.

The class is a total body workout that incorporates elements of street jazz and fun, sexy dance moves set to popular music. Proper alignment and basic dance technique is taught in every class. These classes are beginner friendly and require no previous dance experience.

Dance Body fitness classes...