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Soma Samadhi is the marriage of the Body & Mind. The highest states of physical and mental well being. We are a cooperative fitness and wellness studio. Our practitioners and businesses are passionate about their offerings and are fully committed to supporting their clients. We offer a wide variety of yoga, barre, and fitness classes as well as specialty wellness and teacher training workshops. All classes and programs at Soma Samadhi are offered in a nurturing, non-competitive environment. Each business within Soma Samadhi Studios is listed below.

Hot Vinyasa

Soma Samadhi Hot Yoga

  • All yoga classes at Soma Samadhi offer functional yoga postures and effective breathing exercises so that everyone may benefit, no matter your body type, fitness level, or range of motion.
  • Our Hot Yoga classes are held in an environmentally controlled heated room to warm the musculature.
  • All instructors provide supportive instruction with modifications for your individual needs.
  • We offer Heated Vinyasa (93-97 degrees) and more Traditional Hot Yoga (105 degrees)
Barre Class

Barre Fitness

Our Barre class is a total body workout choreographed to fun, upbeat music to energize your body and mind. The class combines an easy, dance inspired warm-up, classical ballet technique, ballet barre work, functional exercises, core stabilization, strengthening exercises with hand weights, and flexibility exercises. The class will strengthen and lengthen all major muscle groups. Perfect for all levels, no dance experience required.

Zumba classes

Zumba with Voula

Zumba is offered in our studio 3 times per week ( Mon & Wed at 7:00 p.m and Sat at 9:00 a.m) and is taught by certified Zumba teacher, Voula Varnavelias. Please note Zumba sessions are drop-in only and clients pay Voula directly ($10) per class. Soma Samadhi passes are not valid for Zumba classes.

"Zumba dance fitness is a total body workout combining all elements of fitness. Workout includes high energy cardio, muscle conditioning and body sculpting" See Voula's Bio.

Studio News & Specials

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Studio Rentals

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Weather Cancellations

Please check the online schedules. We will post any cancellations on the adult fitness and children's schedule as well as Facebook no later than 1 hour prior to scheduled class start time.


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