Soma Samadhi Yoga and Dance

Welcome to Soma Samadhi Yoga & Dance!

Soma Samadhi means "Body Bliss"! We've designed our Yoga and Dance Fitness classes to help you achieve your fitness goals through our fun and therapeutic approach.

We offer Hot Yoga and Fitness classes accessible for all levels. Our Bliss Barre fitness classes are taught by professional dancers and experts in exercise science to ensure you have a fun, safe, and supportive experience.

Our children's dance and acting program featuring a variety of dance classes as well as programs for acting and singing. We also offer special Summer Workshops in Acting, Dance, & Modeling.

All classes and programs at Soma Samadhi are offered in a nurturing, non-competitive environment.

Hot Yoga Classic 26 & 2

Yoga and Barre Fitness Classes

Bliss Barre, Hot Yoga,and Vinyasa classes offer exceptional complimentary training and we encourage students to try different classes. We use a state of the art heating system to provide a luxurious yoga experience.

Our Yoga and Fitness Classes include:

  • Bliss Barre Fitness
  • Hot Yoga
  • YogaBurn®
  • Vinyasa
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Dance & Acting

Our Performing Arts Program includes:

Photography Studio Rentals

Our Space

Our facility offers 2 large activity rooms with beautiful hardwood maple flooring perfect for any performance, dance or fitness classes. The floors are "sprung" which ensures maximum comfort and safety. We have free unlimited parking and complimentary filtered water, showers, and lockers. Sonos music system brings calm & relaxation to our yoga classes and fun inspiration for the active Barre fitness classes.

You may view our weekly Yoga and Bliss Barre Fitness classes on our Schedule Page. Sign-ups and purchases may be done online or, if you prefer, you may sign up at the studio just prior to class (our doors are open at least 30 minutes before each class). Please be sure to read our New Client Page for guidelines and additional information.

For weather related cancellations please check the "Studio News" box below. We will post any cancellations no later than 1 hour prior to scheduled class start time.

Yoga Classes

Hot Yoga, YogaBurn®, and Vinyasa

Bliss Barre

Our own brand of Barre Fitness - Get lean and toned!

Performing Arts

Dance, Acting, and Voice!

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Studio News & Specials

$55 First Month Unlimited Special


Check out some testimonials for for our Yoga and Dance Classes as well as our Teacher Trainings.

Weather Cancellations

Please check the online schedules. We will post any cancellations on the adult fitness and children's schedule no later than 1 hour prior to scheduled class start time.


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