Dijon Whyte's Headshot.jpg

Dijon Whyte

Cardio Dance

Dijon Whyte is a graduate from Adelphi University receiving his BFA in Dance. At a young age he was inspired by tap dance, which led him to a variety of dance styles. Over the years he fell in love with other styles; Jazz, Hip-Hop, Modern, Ballet, Contemporary and West African. As his enjoyment for dance grew, he developed an excitement for health and wellness. He has been physically training for the past 10 years, helping friends, co-workers, community members, and family succeed in their health and fitness goals. Dijon's high energy class is centered around movements ranging from his personal dance experience, calisthenics and plyometric training. This energetic cardio movement class will focus on increasing body awareness, mobility and range of motion, stability of muscles surrounding joints, and strength . Dijon will keep you encourage and make sure you stay motivated throughout your session. He is looking forward to bringing his experience and energy to every session, helping each participant reach their fitness goal for that day.