Adult Fitness Testimonials

Adult Fitness Testimonials

Nana Smith

I took the Plant Based Nutrition Workshop with Andrew and Alexa at Soma Samadhi and they helped me finally lose weight and increase my energy after struggling for several years with other methods.

I actually started cooking again and have turned to my home-country recipes using plant based, no fat ingredients. I feel completely satisfied every moment I take a bite.

Gregory Izzo

I am thankful that I found Alexa. Her particular style just works the best for me. I feel she has a very balanced approach to yoga. I have received, and continue to receive great benefits in my overall health by practicing with her; and I feel like I have learned from one of the best. I recommend her to anyone.

Thomas J. Condon, Ph.D., P.C.

I am a middle aged man with limited flexibility and balance. I credit Alexa for regularly providing me individual attention, designing posture modifications prescriptive to my situation. The result has been significant improvement of both problems. In addition, I have discovered her Yoga program to be a safe, efficient way of maintaining cardiovascular fitness.


I’ve lowered by Blood Pressure from 152/88 to 130/68 in seven months of regular practice.

Nicole, Mom of 4

I have been able to decrease my thyroid med incredibly since taking yoga. I also just found out that my bone density results have improved in the spinal area exceptionally.

Rich Rizzardi, Jr.

I would like to thank you. I've lost over 20 pounds already, and my energy level has doubled. My core strength has improved tremendously. The practice has also helped me with stress reduction from concentrating on my breathing. When I go to a class after I have lifted weights, the muscle soreness I used to experience is now gone. The strength I now have helps in all areas of my life. I feel more relaxed and have noticed I am much calmer these days. Thank you.

Melissa Bagnoli, Former National Miss Headliners

I began practicing yoga when I discovered it would be a great way to relieve back pain from my scoliosis. It stretched and relaxed muscles in ways that dance could not. It also increased my flexibility and firmed up my body."


I have enjoyed the holistic yoga approach which offered me stillness, meditation, spirituality and a wonderful physical experience for my body. Thank you sooooo much for providing this wonderful opportunity.


First time ever with a vocal instructor one on one, and it was the best choice I could've ever made, especially with Mr. Andrew. He was quick to find exactly what I needed to improve and taught in 1 hour something I have been struggling with for more then 15 years! Very humble, very professional and most important patient. Even though the one hour was up, he didn't mind conversing after class about other techniques and other vocal related issues.

Yoga Teacher Training Testimonials


I feel very fortunate to have been a part of the teacher training program. Alexa and Andrew have great experience and are very knowledgeable and thorough in their training. Having completed this program, I am confident in my ability to instruct and feel prepared to teach various levels of yoga at any studio or gym.


An extremely comprehensive and robust Teacher Training certification program taught by high caliber yoga instructors who know their stuff and are passionate about what they are teaching. I learned much more than I ever expected. Upon completion of the training, I felt well prepared to instruct both beginner and mixed-level classes safely, accurately and with confidence.


As a recent college graduate, I never imaged that I would be able to teach yoga at such a young age. I entered Alexa and Andrew's teacher-training program as a very shy and soft-spoken individual and have been amazed at my growth on and off the mat. I now feel completely capable to teach beginner through advanced level practitioners, and have learned to really use my voice! They did a truly amazing job at providing an in-depth program while giving us a chance to practice our teaching skills before sending us into the world of yoga studios and gyms!


My experience with Soma Samadhi Yoga training has taken my practice and my teaching to a different level. The wealth of information that Alexa and Andrew provide, especially about anatomy and different body types, will equip any yoga instructor with the tools necessary to teach safe, effective yoga classes.

Ann B.

I felt my experience at Soma Samadhi Yoga Teacher-Training was excellent. It was way beyond what I had expected. The training was extremely comprehensive & well-rounded. I came into the program knowing very little & left with so much. I have started teaching & the feedback I'm receiving from students & other instructors has been very positive & I feel a testament to Alexa & Andrew's training. The program left me with knowledge & confidence to pursue teaching & the desire to continue to grow & learn.