Reiki & Wellness Workshops

Learn the facts about nutrition and the keys to long term weight control without sacrifice or "dieting".

  • How to lose weight eating the food that you love.
  • The keys to Fats, Carbohydrates and Proteins
  • Understand how the body processes food and simple ways to rapidly lose weight and how to maintain healthy weight.
  • We find a plant based diet approach will produce the fastest results but we can help tailor any...

Our Yoga Posture clinic is a 3 hour posture clinic where we break down the postures that makeup our signature Hot Yoga sequence. We go over the essentials of the postures and how to modify as needed with plenty of Q&A as we progress through the workshop. After the posture clinic attendees are invited to stay and participate in an actual 75 minute class where we put the new information to use.

This workshop is a relaxed opportunity...


Reiki is the art of working with Universal Life Force Energy for the benefit of ourselves and for others. In our Reiki certification courses students will learn the hand positions used in Reiki, the history of Reiki, Reiki Symbols, and how to work with the Energy. We will explore the energy systems and how they relate to the body. Students will experience an increase of personal energy through hands on experience as well as receiving...