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If your child loves to move to music, enrolling them in a dance class seems like a great idea. However, with so many studios to choose from, it can be daunting to decide which studio is the best fit. Below are a few things to help you narrow your search.


Obviously, choosing a studio close to your home is helpful, especially if your child would like to take more than one dance class per week. If there is...

Musical Theatre  Camp - Ridgefield

Why is children's dance important?

Dance is a great way to introduce young children to creativity and movement. Multiple studies, including one published by the New England Journal of Medicine, have concluded that dance education has been shown to reduce stress, improve spatial awareness, increase energy, improve physical fitness, improve academic achievement, and increase mental capacity. Dance training also...

Hot Yoga 26 & 2 Classes

Bikram Yoga has been in the public conscious for many years. I was one of the first teachers certified in Bikram Yoga in the state of CT way back in 2000. The first studio I owned and operated was the first authorized Bikram Yoga College of India at 467 West Ave in Norwalk. We had folks driving from all parts of the state to get a dose of the Bikram brilliance.

Having taught the Bikram, classic hot yoga, method for nearly 20 years I am...

Barre Class

Thinking about trying a barre class, but are worried that you have no dance experience?

It’s true that some of the exercises in the class are inspired and drawn from ballet and jazz dance; however, you do not need to be a dancer to enjoy barre classes.

One of the many benefits of a barre class is that the class offers a total body workout in less than an hour.

Cardiovascular Fitness

The barre classes...

Samadhi Yoga Classes

Hot Yoga continues to be a popular exercise in the U.S and in many other parts of the world. The general category of Hot Yoga can be broken down into subsets such as Bikram Yoga, Hot Vinyasa, and Hot Power. Many studios that were previously “unheated” found that even for “regular” yoga classes it was acceptable to turn on a little heat since stretching a cold muscle is never a great idea. With that, here is my list of 5 Pros and Cons...


Students often ask me about the history of Hot Yoga. The story of yoga in the West is an interesting one which is a fairly long and complicated story. But here are some interesting tidbits relating to hot yoga and yoga in general:

  • Physical yoga posture practice (modern asana) in India is a relatively recent development that relates to the movement in India during the early 1900’s which looked to strengthen and increase the fitness...
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One of the most popular forms of Hatha Yoga these days continues to be in the form of Hot Yoga. The attraction for many is the ease of muscle stretching that a Hot Yoga environment will provide. There is also the experience of an “intense” workout when engaged in a Hot Yoga class which is often driven by the temperature and humidity of the room.

There are several different forms of hot yoga that are available in most areas. The higher...


Yoga is an ancient healing art and science that is designed to create health in the body and the mind. Numerous health studies have shown the benefits of practicing yoga.

Hatha yoga practice was designed to clean and purify the body in order to establish optimal health and prepare one for meditation. Hatha yoga also aims to create a harmonious balance between the masculine and feminine energy. This is the true...

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Many people are gravitating towards a plant based diet for a number of reasons including weight loss, compassion for animals, and the environment. If you are thinking about trying a plant based diet, especially for health reasons, here are a few tips:

1. Limit Fat intake. Avoid oils when cooking or in foods. Oils add a considerable amount of fat. Read labels thoroughly to make sure there is little to no added oils. Limit consumption of...

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  • It is ideal to practice in a clean, clutter-free and quiet room. It also helps to have the room dimly lit.
  • Sit in a comfortable seated position with your spine held erect. If you choose to sit on the floor using a cushion or pillow will add comfort. You may also sit in a chair. The key point is comfort so that you feel good in your body.
  • Breathing through the nose at a rate that is calm is essential during meditation. If...

Optimal health and wellness is achieved through healthy lifestyle choices. How we think, feel, eat, and move are all important factors that affect our well-being. Taking care of our physical bodies through exercise is one of the best ways to promote health and keep the structure and function of our bodies performing at an optimal level.

I believe in a holistic, mind and body approach to fitness and wellness that focuses on safe,...

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Grace Spirit Beauty: a complimentary guide to inner and outer radiance. This program is designed to help you grow radiant, authentic, and compassionate everyday. I believe beauty is a product of all the systems of the body functioning in harmony and health with a calm, relaxed mind. When the body is in balance a state of grace permeates your whole being. In turn, your life is infused with positive energy that radiates out of...