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Deve Austin

Yoga Instructor

Born in Jamaica, W.I., Deve emigrated to the US at two years old. Early on in young-adulthood, he experienced seemingly unrelated health traumas, including a tumor, loss of hearing in one ear, heart attacks and Bell’s Palsy, all of which helped to instill in him a deep appreciation for healing & wellness. At 25 he was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune-arthritis called Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS). After learning that there is no cure and limited traditional treatments that aren’t costly or have unpleasant side-effects, he began exploring alternative therapies. He discovered and fell in love with yoga, became an instructor in 2012 and immersed himself in holistic living experiences and learned to manage the painful symptoms of his condition. He recognizes yoga as a gateway to wellness and is passionate about supporting people in discovering their yogic way.