Voice Lessons

Voice and Singing Lessons in Norwalk

Weffer 30 and 60 minute singing lessons for contemporary voice training including pop, rock, musical theater, and similar styles. We can help you to sing with more power, control while extending your vocal range with no stress or strain on the vocal cords. Our approach typically produces immediate and positive changes to your singing.

We are happy to offer a special introductory for the first class at $45 for one hour.

Our technique is for the contemporary or musical theater singer. We utilize the Seth Riggs Method and John Henny's Los Angeles program (Google John Henny Voice for more information). We can get new students on the path to singing quickly. We can also help with auditions and any problems that experienced singers may have in general or with specific songs.

FAQs - Voice Lessons

What is your typical process for working with a new voice student?

  • We do a quick voice assessment and give immediate feedback as far as what is going on with the breathing, cord (vocal fold) control, and resonators ( throat, mouth). Most students experience a significant positive shift in singing in the first hour lesson. This is due to the scientific approach and the system that we teach.

What education and/or training do you have that relates to teaching singing and voice lessons?

  • We have worked with several classical teachers over the years. We have found that often they did not have an understanding of the technical elements and science of voice, how to truly control sound, and the specifics of contemporary singing. That changed when we found and studied with John Henny from Los Angeles (John Henny Music Academy). John is teacher to the stars and for many years worked for Seth Riggs who taught Michael Jackson and other celebrities. John took his method to the next level which is the basis of what I teach.

How did you get started teaching voice and singing?

  • Have been studying all aspects of music for over 30 years. We love performing and also teaching so its a natural progression. Voice teaching has an immediate impact. We love when I see students have a "moment" and experience an improvement.

What do you typically help students with?

  • Help extend vocal range, help to sing more balanced, less stress. Fix voice problems caused by cord squeezing, pulling chest etc. Give more power to singing without strain. Create a better "mix" in higher register singing. Be able to sing with more power at the high end of the singing range without having to flip to falsetto.

Please explain some of the concepts you teach

  • There are three major elements to singing; Breath Control, vocal fold (larynx) closure, and positioning and size to your resonators ( throat, chest, mouth). The process of breathing to support singing is different than most people realize. It can be learned quickly and can create a dramatic improvement to one's vocal quality and resonance. Vocal cord control is more subtle but essential in ensuring that we produce a sound that is neither strained nor too "breathy". Manipulating our resonators ( ie mouth) through vowel adjustments when singing is something many students are not taught. This is a cutting edge concept and allows singers to navigate through challenging song sections with ease.

Rates: $75 per lesson (1 hour) or three lessons for $195(prepaid). We look forward to working with you! Please contact me so we can start on the path to fun, effortless, and powerful singing. No experience necessary. Everyone can sing!

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