Yoga Classes

Vinyasa Yoga Classes

We believe yoga is for all people. We offer our signature Samadhi Yoga Class, our version of Traditional Hot yoga as well as Hot and Unheated Vinyasa Yoga classes . Yoga is far beyond physical exercises. It’s about transformational change and increasing your energy, so that you can heal your life and be truly present. Our approach is to work with the deeper aspects of yoga to enhance your well-being utilizing simple and gentle movements, breathing exercises, and relaxation.

Our Hot Yoga classes are held in an environmentally controlled heated room to warm the musculature. All yoga classes at Soma Samadhi offer functional yoga postures and effective breathing exercises so that everyone may benefit, no matter your body type, fitness level, or range of motion. All instructors provide supportive instruction with modifications for your individual needs.

Our state of the art heating system purifies the air and allows for fluctuations in temperature which is ideal for the practicing hot yogi.

You may view our weekly class schedule online. Sign-ups may be done at the studio just prior to class (our doors are open at least 30 minutes before each class). You may also sign up for a class online on the schedule page.

Samadhi Hot Vinyasa

Our Samadhi Hot Vinyasa classes feature balanced flowing sequences with modifications as needed. The classes focus on alignment, strength, flexibility, and finishes with deeper stretches and calming postures. Supportive music to soothe your soul play in the background. We include functional, fun postures that feel great and are accessible to all levels. The classes vary as each teacher determines their own sequence.

Our state of the art heating system purifies the air and allows for fluctuations in temperature which is ideal for the new and experienced student. Our classes approximate 96-98 degrees with 40-43% humidity.

Samadhi Warm Vinyasa

Done in a warmed room (about 80-82 degrees) to facilitate safer stretching, this class features a nice variety of therapeutic strength and stretching postures. Our approach is always supportive and helpful allowing the student's bodies to create the practice. Perfect for beginners and all levels.


Yoga Sculpt is a fusion of yoga, strength training, and core work. The class offers flowing yoga sequences combined with specific exercises to strength train major muscle groups. Hand weights and resistance bands are used during the class. This class is perfect for those who are looking to add more intensity to their yoga practice.

Exercises can be modified to suit individual needs.